Aluminum Shabbos Blech, Flat and 'L' Shape

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Aluminium Shabbos Blechs

'L' Shape 18x22, 30x22

Flat 18x22, 30x22

Aluminum Shabbat Blechs are customarily used on Shabbos and placed between the stovetop and food, so that the food stays warm throughout Shabbos.

We have two blech styles
  • Flat Blech: This is the most common blech style, it does not have any oven knob covers.
  • L Shape Blech: These are flat and thin but have a lip to cover the oven knobs. These are ideal for families with young children who might tinker with a lit stovetop. The L shaped Blech is made of the same material as the regular flat Blech.

Please note that ALL Shabbos Blechs are new and might have some scratches from the manufacturing and shipping process. This is something that is unavoidable.