Samvix SmartBass Q3 Kosher Bluetooth 5.0, Black

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We took the popular Q2 – and upgraded it to the Q3 – with dozens of additional functions + enlarged the screen and added a built-in speaker
Everything you asked and dreamed of – we fulfilled

✔ GB 8 internal memory
✔ Memory card expansion slot
✔ Recording – includes the option to edit the name
✔ Bluetooth 4.1 also connects to JBL
✔ Data transfer via Bluetooth
✔ seforim and prayers
✔ option to Lock the device with a password
✔ Keyboard
✔ Stopwatch
✔ Time and date
✔ Smart alarm clock
✔ Hebrew calendar
✔ Metallic body
✔ Full Touch screen
✔ Copy from memory card to device
✔ Built-in speaker
✔ Calculator
✔ Search albums by photos
✔ Battery percentage as in a cell phone


No Radio, No Wifi, No Pictures, No Videos, Copy and Paste, With Sefarim, Siddur and Tehillim, Built in Speaker, msd up 256GB