Travel Lamp Shabbos lamp

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Travel Lamp Shabbos lamp
  • Compact & sturdy design
  • Bright LED lights
  • Designed for use in your city, state or anywhere in the World, comes with an attractive travel bag
  • Easy twist and lift operation, just plug it in and turn it on, no recharging
  • Never change the light bulbs (LED lifespan rated at >30,000 hours)

Don't get Lost in the Dark: Hotel stay? Staying with the family for Yom Tov? Anytime you stay in an unfamiliar room, it's handy at night to have a light so you can navigate your way around the room. The Travel KosherLamp's light shines in all directions; find what you need at night with this 360 degree light. And when you want to read, you don't have to be right next to the light. Just pick a comfortable spot and the light will find you. Here's what you get with your Travel KosherLamp AC/DC Power Adapter: Take the Travel KosherLamp anywhere in the world! This Power Adapter has a built-in transformer so it will be safe to use in North America, Europe, Israel and with all electrical voltages across the world Plug Adapter: This gadget fits on the North American prongs of the AC/DC Power Adapter so the Travel KosherLamp can be used in European and Israeli wall sockets. Travel Bag: A soft and attractive, black carrying pouch with a draw-string closure. It holds your Travel KosherLamp and all its accessories so you'll have everything you need all in one place.