Boogie Board eWriter (Pink, Blue, Grey)

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Boogie Board Blue Jot 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet - Authentic Boogie Board that Includes eWriter & Stylus Pen

  • Boogie Board LCD writing tablets and stylus pens are durable, lightweight & engineered so you can draw, scribble, doodle, and erase easily! Makes for great gifts for students, children, parents or grandparents.
  • Our LCD writing tablet gives a natural writing experience that feels like paper & pen, but without any of the wastepaper! Go green with Jot 8.5!
  • You can erase what you write with the touch of a button, so this can be used again and again. Solid construction is built to last years with a replaceable battery too!
  • No need to charge or connect - the Jot is always "on"! Bright, super high contrast writing surface makes your writing highly legible, unlike the cheaper competition which is difficult to read.
  • Comes with magnets and a kickstand feature to put it on display - say goodbye to sticky notes and paper to-do lists. Free Jot app enables you to save, edit and share your lists and doodles.

No other product in the world creates a natural pen on paper experience like Boogie Board eWriters

Eliminate the need for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes - simply write and erase.
The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is engineered to feel just like writing with a pen on paper.
The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button.
Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect.


  • New 50% Brighter Writing: Years in development, the new high contrast writing surface creates an almost luminescent line.
  • Incredibly thin and lightweight new style and design
  • Durable construction perfect for all ages at home, office or on the go
  • Built-in magnets
  • Built-in stylus dock also creates a convenient kickstand message board
  • Now Save, Edit & Share with the first ever Jot App