Classic Kitchen Hot Water Boiler Urn with new Twisloc˜ Safety Locking Tap (40,65 Cup Capacity)

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Classic Kitchen 40/65 Cup Capacity Hot Water Boiler Urn with new Twisloc˜ Safety Locking Tap, Metal Spout, Stainless Steel Double Wall, Instant Reboil

  • 40/65 CUPS CAPACITY Perfect use at home for family meals, for entertaining with buffet service, providing piping hot water at 202°F (94°C) anytime you need 24/7
  • QUALITY HEATING SYSTEM controlled by PCB circuit board that allows quick reboil when refilled with cold water after a few seconds Grama delay. Unit has YOMTOV switch to bypass lights switching when reboiling after refill. Technology has merged with Halacha
  • DURABLE DESIGN Double Wall High Grade Stainless Steel inner tank with Polished Exterior finish and built-in Water Gauge.
  • SAFE TO USE Engineered with our new TWISLOC˜ Locking Dispense Tap and Metal Spout. Simply Rotate and the tap is Locked. Heavy Duty Detachable Cord. Unit is CE Listed for Safety.
  • Toiveling is not required!