HIC 13" Pizza Baking Stone with Serving Rack, Natural Ceramic Stoneware

HIC 13" Pizza Baking Stone with Serving Rack, Natural Ceramic Stoneware

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HIC 13" Pizza Baking Stone with Serving Rack, Natural Ceramic Stoneware

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HIC’s Pizza Stone is the ideal cooking tool for making pizza at home. Whether ready-made pizza or homemade pizza recipes, the secret to the lightest, crispiest crust is a hot pizza stone. No more doughy or burnt pizza crusts! The natural ceramic stoneware absorbs moisture to eliminate soggy crusts, distributes heat evenly for uniform, all-over browning, and prevents hot spots to keep dough from burning. Requires no seasoning or conditioning and retains heat to keep food hot throughout the meal. Safe for use in gas, electric, convection, and microwave ovens, and with indirect heat on the grill (no direct flame). Easily make classics, like cheese pizza, pepperoni and veggie pizza, or dietary alternatives, like paleo pizza, cauliflower crust, and gluten free pizza. It’s great for baking breads, rolls, biscuits, flatbreads, scones, tortillas, and reheating leftover pizza. The contoured rack securely cradles the hot stone for safe transport and serving. Easy to use. Simply place the Pizza Stone into a cold oven, or grill, and preheat both at the same time to prevent it from cracking. Once oven reaches temperature, carefully sprinkle cornmeal onto the stone, add constructed pizza, and bake. Once pizza is cooked, wear oven mitts to carefully remove the stone from the oven. Caution, stone will be hot! Place it onto the serving rack with handles facing upward for easy transport. For an elevated serving rack, simply flip the handles downward onto a stable surface and set the Pizza Stone on top. Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware, HIC’s Pizza Stone is sturdy, durable, and will darken naturally with use. To clean, scrape away excess food with a spatula, rinse under warm water, and scrub with a gentle brush as needed. Air dry thoroughly then store in the oven. Do not wash with soap as it may leave a trace scent. Do not use stone over direct flame. Allow stone to cool naturally at room temperature. Do not splash with cold water or soak for long periods of time.



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