Kool Kreepers Jitterbug - Kid's First Remote Control Toy

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Kool Kreepers Jitterbug - Kid's First Remote Control Toy. Cute RC Ladybug + Easy-To-Control & Small Hand Size 2.4 GHz RC Controller Designed For 3+ Toddlers/Children To Play

  • COLORFUL & UNIQUE RC BUG TOY FOR KIDS: The cute remote control ladybug is designed with vivid colors bug robot and an one-hand controller that allows kids to hold and control easily. It is an adorable gift for little kids to experience their first RC Fun!
  • LOVABLE PACKAGING DESIGN: The package includes a jitterbug robot and a small size remote controller. The bug machine is in a perfect size and weight that toddlers can hold and play with it easily; the 2.4 GHz controller is designed for small hand to control, especially for toddlers/little kids. 5 AAA batteries required.
  • TAKE A WALK WITH THE CUTE LADYBUG: The little electronic insect toy is easy to control; press the direction buttons to make it go forward/backward and left/right. Enjoy looking at it to walk wiggly… super cute! Take off the jitterbug lid on the top to install the batteries in the body part.
  • IT IS JIGGLING… WHEN IT CRAWLS: The remote control bug toy is durable mimic how a real ladybug crawls by its feet; the movement structure is specially designed. Make it jiggle around and see if you have an opportunity to prank friends and family!
  • LITTLE KID's COLORFUL BUG TOY: The bright colors are designed for visual stimulation for kids and strengthen the basic color recognition skills. Little kids can simply enjoy playing with the jiggling electric bug toy and learn cause & effect from controlling the toy. Ages 3+