Samvix Smartbass 7.0 MP3 Player, Silver

Samvix Smartbass 7.0 MP3 Player, Silver

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  • Get the most out of your music on the go with the Samvix SmartBass 7.0 32GB Kosher MP3 Player.
  • This Kosher MP3 player has a built-in memory of 32GB and memory can be expanded via an SD Card Slot.
  • This music player has a new touch keyboard.
  • Has a built-in LED torch flashlight, making it perfect for lighting up dark spaces, or so you can easily find something in your bag or car.
  • The brightly colored large full LCD touch screen makes it easy to see the display, even when you are outside in bright sunlight.
  • Its compact size also makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse.
  • Wide variety of functions to help support you in your use of the music player or in your day-to-day activities.
  • The touch keyboard makes it easy to use the included search system to find what you need. SmartBass 7.0 has several apps for Books and Prayers, a Clock with Timer and Alarm functions, a Calendar, a Recorder (executive tape), a Calculator, and Flashlight.
  • The keyboard allows you to also search folders create, name, and rename folders.
  • The MP3 player features a metal case for durability while the touchscreen controls and built-in speaker make it convenient to use.
  • With wireless Bluetooth version 4.1 support, you can play music through your Bluetooth speaker, headset, or earbuds. 
  • Charge it with ease using the type C charger.
  • This MP3 is also Kosher-safe! It doesn't include a built-in FM radio player and has no pictures or videos installed.
  • It comes pre-loaded with Sefurim and Samvix Kosher books with Mehadrin Hechsher Menutak.



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