Adhoc Classic 5.25" Pepper Mill, Stainless Steel and Acrylic (Individual)

Adhoc Classic 5.25" Pepper Mill, Stainless Steel and Acrylic (Individual)

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At AdHoc, our goal is to develop lifestyle accessories for kitchen and table top, which combine highest quality standards with aesthetic and functional design. Products made for now. All AdHoc Mills have a high efficiency ceramic grinder made of hi-tech ceramic that has been burned at 1600Degree, making it 30% harder than Steel. All mills are spring loaded for easy operation. Corrosion & wear-free as ceramic is resistant to acids, oils and salts, the grinding mechanism. Due to its strength it can easily break down coarse materials such as Salt, Pepper & dried spices. Odor & taste free, ceramic does not absorb any food elements, offering multiple uses for each mill. All pepper mills work the same way: A grooved and serrated rotating nut, which is attached to a metal shaft, fits into a stationary, serrated ring. As the nut rotates, its grooved channels lead peppercorns toward the serrations (on both the ring and the nut), first cracking then slicing the peppercorns between them. When the adjustment knob is turned, the spring at the center presses the nut and the ring together to change the grind size: tighter for fine, looser for coarse. Our mills have well-proportioned springs that allow the ring and nut to be cranked to just the right distance for the ideal grind.



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