BBQ Butler Bristle Free Grill Brush

BBQ Butler Bristle Free Grill Brush

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  • GRATE SCRAPER - Enjoy 360 degrees of clean all the way around with our powerful multi-function scraper. Experience the wonder of scraping the sides and underside of your grate rungs and any other stubborn, burnt-on food efficiently and quickly. This grill scraper is unlike anything you have ever used before--cleaning the top AND bottom of your grates without having to remove them from the grill
  • SAFE - No more wire bristles in food with no more sharp surfaces or edges! This BBQ Butler Stainless Steel Bristle Free Grill Brush provides peace of mind and a superior clean, all while keeping your hands away from the heat. Our 18" handle will not melt like traditional grill brushes
  • FASTER CLEANING - Efficiency is the key! This triple-headed brush cleans 3 times faster than conventional brushes, giving you the gift of time. Each stainless steel coil of this outstanding barbecue brush is ultra-strong and ready to rid your grill of stubborn food residues. For a deep steam clean, dip the end of the brush in water repeatedly and brush while grill grates are hot. Be sure to protect hands and arms from steam
  • SAFE FOR ALL GRILL TYPES - This 3-in-1 barbeque brush works amazingly well and is ideal for gas, charcoal, porcelain, iron, steel, and most grill and smoker types. An outstanding performer, this bristle free grill brush provides a cleaner grill surface for almost any BBQ or grill grate you can imagine
  • QUALITY - Food grade stainless steel scrubbing coils, a stainless steel multi-function scraper, strong reinforced steel neck, and durable polypropylene handle all come together to bring you one of the best grill cleaners you can find. Built to perform for a lifetime



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