Charade Parade - The Game of Tag Team Charades

Charade Parade - The Game of Tag Team Charades

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  • NEW FAVORITE: Charade Parade is a collaborative party game where you play tag team charades against the clock. The goal is to get all players to join the charade tag team before you run out of time. This game is great for ice-breaking and team-building.
  • FUN FOR ALL: The game can be played with 4 or more players who are ages 6 years old and up. The game is simple and creative, making it accessible to all ages. It is the kind of game that gets people comfortable and laughing.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Starting with a set of cards, one player starts charading the word on the first card. When a player in the audience correctly guesses a charade, that member gets tagged and joins the stage of actors charading the next word. The game continues until the last player either guesses correctly or the time runs out.
  • FUN GAME FOR ANYTIME: This game is the perfect activity for a quiet night in. Add a little bit of levity to your home with this kid-friendly game or play it with your adult friends during a party. This game is great for every situation and audience.
  • INCLUDES: Game comes in a neat and colorful box. Cards are included. Game also includes the download for the timer and picture app, making this game technologically connected.



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