Comfort Zone Ultrasonic Humidifier Dual Nozzles, Cool Mist 6 Gallon, White

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Comfort Zone Ultrasonic Humidifier Dual Nozzles, Cool Mist 6 Gallon, White

Whisper-Quiet Operation - Add moisture to dry areas of your home or office with this Comfort Zone Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier. Designed to run discreetly in the background throughout your busy day, the whisper quiet humidifier works well in a bedroom at night or in an office meeting room to keep coworkers comfortable during your presentations and discussions.

Versatile Dual Nozzle Design - The design features two 360-degree swiveling nozzles that can be adjusted independently. This allows you to aim the soothing cool mist the unit produces in opposing directions to cover a whole room or to target a narrower area by aiming both nozzles at the same angle.

Compact and Portable - The quiet humidifier has a compact design that makes it a snap to move it from one area of your home to another, so you can enjoy relief from dry air wherever you need it most.

Long-Lasting Performance - The portable room humidifier boasts a 0.6-gallon capacity that allows it to run for up to 12 hours at a time. The durable design stands up well to daily use, so you can rely on it to continue working smoothly season after season.

Auto Shut-Off Function - An auto shut-off function helps keep the filter-free humidifier running safely overnight. It turns the unit off immediately once the tank is emptied, helping to prevent damage to the device that might occur if left powered on without water.