Doughmakers Aluminum Commercial 9" x 13" Cake Lid

Doughmakers Aluminum Commercial 9" x 13" Cake Lid

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Doughmakers Gourmet Bakeware - Created by Mom's Who Know Best

*Quality - Professional-grade bakeware. Doughmakers uses a premium, heavier gauge of aluminum for solid, recyclable products.
*Design - Just take one look and you’ll see we stand out. We've strengthened the handle areas on all our bakeware. We've given our cake pans extra depth and straight sidewalls for consistent, professional results. And the edges of our pans are rolled, beaded, or coined to prevent warping and twisting.

The Original Pebble Pattern

The unique texture on all Doughmakers bakeware delivers many performance benefits and it won't scrape off, because it’s not a coating--it's embossed right in. 1st: it allows airflow underneath your baked goods, resulting in even browning and easy release. 2nd: it's great when you're greasing/flouring a cake pan as it helps hold a bit of shortening that otherwise might be wiped off. 3rd: it gives all Doughmakers bakeware natural nonstick properties without the need for excess grease or unhealthy aerosols.

For professional quality craftsmanship and leading innovation, buy Doughmakers.

**Care & Handling Instructions**


• Thoroughly wash prior to first use with a soft sponge or nylon scrubbie. (Avoid detergents with a chlorine base)
• Follow recipe for time and temperature.
• To keep bakeware looking its best, hand wash promptly in hot soapy water. (Avoid detergents with a chlorine base)
• Dry before storing.


• DO NOT use aerosol nonstick sprays. They may cause a sticky build-up.
• DO NOT use for high-acid foods, water bath or food storage.
• NOT RECOMMENDED for dishwasher.
• AVOID detergents with a chlorine base.



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