Fascinations Metal Earth 3D - Blue LED Base

Fascinations Metal Earth 3D - Blue LED Base

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By day the City Lights Globe helps you locate and identify the continents and countries of the world with a high contrast world map...but when the lights lower - that's when this beautiful 10" globe really shines! At night this one-of-kind globe offers you a view of the glowing cities of the world that used to be reserved for astronauts on the space shuttle! As it grows dark, watch this magical globe automatically illuminate the cities of the world with warm light while this elegant globe rotates automatically on its mirrored base.

• Detailed globe of the world transforms into an ethereal work of art when the lights lower

• Displays a darkened earth lit only by the cities of the world

• Globe automatically turns and illuminates the cities of our world using a special patented induction system

• Simply place it on its elegant base and it will begin to magically revolve

• An eye-catching display in home, office, study or anywhere you want to make a statement

• Rotates automatically

• Illuminates automatically

• Elegant mirrored base

• 10" globe

• Plugs into an AC outlet



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