Gemini Sound Pro Audio Wireless Guitar Amp Line Accessory System

Gemini Sound Pro Audio Wireless Guitar Amp Line Accessory System

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  • WIRELESS INSTRUMENTALS FOR THE PROS Gemini Sound's GMU-G100 is UHF Hi-Band cordless system that allows you to connect your guitar, bass and other instruments right up to your amps and performance speakers and monitors, so you can have an easy set up and dethatched stage performance. With a 1/4 inch jack, you can plug the receiver directly into a PA speaker or into most audio mixers or interfaces for a more professional set up.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND RELYABLE The replacement to your guitar cable comes out of the boxed charged and ready to go. With a charge time of about 2 hours, you can play for 5 hours gig after gig. No need to worry about unexpected faded battery lives as the LED indicators let you know when its time to charge up so you can be ready for next time you need to play. Charge with the included Micro-USB charging cable.
  • CLEAR SOUND Built with ACC (Advanced Compression Rejects) you can forget about the frustration of the distortion and that makes you crazy when you are trying to play and can't get out the true sound of your music. Gemini's GMU-G100 wireless guitar system has come to fix that for you while you move up to 50 ft away from the receiver. That means you can go all over the stage without missing a note.
  • DIVIDE AND CONQURE The wireless guitar transmitter receiver system expands so you can multiple transmitters sending signal to the same receivers. Thus you aren't required to set designated amps when you are playing with a whole band or multiple instruments. This makes set up and take down simple and seamless for all of your instruments.
  • PLUG & PLAY Right out of the box, by hitting the SET button you can take the pre-charged units and play right away. Just take the wireless transmitter and hold the power button and SET button for 3 seconds to put it in pairing mode. Then rake the receiver and switch it on and wait 1-2 seconds for it to catch the guitar transmitter and you are good to go. That's all.



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