Home Sentinel 5 in 1 Indoor Home Pest Control Repeller Against Mouse, Rat and Insects

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#1 leading seller, the HOME SENTINEL by Aspectek is the industry's most advanced indoor pest repellent product.
- Only the combined functions of ultrasonic, electro-magnetic and ionic can ensure you that your home will be pest free!
- Conveniently small and boasts a combination of four of the most advanced, contractor-grade, electronic pest control technologies to repel pests.
- The electromagnetic wave drives pests out from the walls, and the ultrasonic drives them from your home for good.
- Air purifying ionic function removes bacteria that attract unwanted pests.
- Pest repelling ultrasonic sound waves.
- Turn the wiring in your walls into a pest repelling system by using electro-magnetic waves!
- Comforting night light with a power-saving light sensor function.

Test the true ultrasonic and electromagnetic functions of our device and competitors
- You can compare and test our product and competitors for truly effective ultrasonic and electromagnetic functions
- Simply test ultrasonic function with the candle light in front of the speaker. True ultrasonic function will bend off the candle light with its power.
- See the dancing paper clip on the front cover once the electromagnetic function triggers. Only true electromagnetic function is powerful enough to shake the paper clip.
- Other products may only claim, we deliver an effective device backed up by decades of R&D and patented technologies

With years of design and technical breakthroughs (U.S Patent Number 5473836 & 5990783), this home protective Sentinel eliminates the ongoing costs of spraying your home with no messy mouse traps to clean up. It is safe for humans, pets and also pests.