inCharge X - The Six-in-One Cable, Magnetic Portable Keyring, Black

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How to always have the right cable at hand, whether you are at home or on the go? Rolling Square knows the answer! InCharge X is the only one you will need. The multifunctional cable, which you can easily turn into a key ring with the help of strong neodymium magnets in the connectors, will never leave you without energy.

In addition to providing fast charging for electronics, you can use your phone or tablet instead of standard charging adapters for other devices if you do not already have another power source. You can also entrust it with an incredibly fast data transfer.

InCharge X contains all the most commonly used connectors and allows you to combine them according to your needs. In total, up to 6 connection variants can be created.

Top materials such as aluminum alloy with the addition of zinc or nylon and TPU reinforcement were used for its production. These, together with the ingenious design and protection of the cable components, guarantee its long life and make it easier to use.

• 6-in-1 multifunctional data and charging cable
• Extra durable and quality materials
• In the form of compact keychain
• Very fast charging up to 100W
• Connectors: USB, USB-C, MicroUSB and Lightning