Jabra Rhythm Corded Stereo Headset Bulk (IN EAR)

Jabra Rhythm Corded Stereo Headset Bulk (IN EAR)

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When sound matters: If you love getting lost in music wherever you go but still need to stay on top of your calls, then step to Jabra RHYTHM. Rich, vibrant music and clear, crisp calls are assured with Jabra’s new stereo headset featuring premium stereo sound, noise isolating ear buds and microphone wind-noise reduction technology. RHYTHM includes a unified control box that allows users to conveniently skip tracks and answer calls from their microphone. The headset also feature a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, ideal for the transmission of premium music quality and a perfect companion to your smartphone (eg iPhone, Blackberry), MP3 player or computer.


Stay on top of your calls even when your lost in your favorite music with the Jabra RHYTHM corded stereo headset, which features premium stereo sound, noise isolating ear buds, and microphone wind-noise reduction technology. Sound quality is crucial, and the RHYTHM offers vibrant stereo music and clear, crisp calls.

Premium sound quality with clear detailed sound reproduction.

These comfortable sound-isolating earbud headphones include a microphone integrated onto the cord that allows you to make and answer calls with your mobile phone, and the microphone also offers controls for answering/ending calls as wells skipping tracks and rewinding. It's also compatible with controlling music playback and calls on the Apple iPhone.

Key Features

  • Premium sound quality with clear detailed sound reproduction
  • Stereo headset for music and talk
  • Ergonomically designed headphones for each ear
  • Sound isolating ear buds in small, medium and large sizes
  • Microphone wind-noise reduction technology
  • 42-inch cable length (1060mm)
  • 4-pole, gold plated 3.5mm plug
  • Unified control box on microphone: answer/end calls, skip tracks*
  • Note: Please only use one headphone while driving

Answer/End Calls and Skip Tracks

Tap the answer/end button on your mic:

  • 1 x to answer/end your call
  • 2 x to skip tracks
  • 3 x to rewind

* Phone dependent; compatible with the Apple iPhone

Ensure Perfect Comfort and Sound Flow with Your Headset

Great sound in a headset depends on quality speakers and a perfect, secure fit. The headphones are ergonomically designed to specifically fit either your left or right ear. For optimal comfort and sound, make sure that you put the headphones in the correct ear.

What's in the Box

RHYTHM headphones, sound isolating ear buds in 3 sizes (s, m, l), clothing clip (see a larger image)



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