Knox Gear Premium Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand MSS01

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  • Steel construction
  • Collapsible tripod legs
  • Tray rotates 180 degrees
  • Minimum height of 3 feet
  • Maximum height of 4 feet 7 inches

Heavy Duty Tripod Legs

This Knox Adjustable Music Stand features sturdy tripod legs which provide a stable base to prevent rocking or tipping during practice or performances. The tripod legs feature rubber tips that grip the floor to prevent sliding and protect the surface from damage. When not in use, the legs fold down to allow for easy storage and transportation of the stand.

Sheet Music Tray Tilts 180 Degrees

Many adjustable music stands offer a limited range of forward and backward tilt for the boom arm, but this Knox stand offers a full 180 degrees of movement thanks to a specially designed hinge. The hinge isn't segmented which allows for extremely precise adjustment so you can get the angle that's perfect for you. Once the boom arm is adjusted to your liking, it can be secured in place by an easy-to-use crank arm.  

Height Adjusts From 3’ to 4’7”

When the adjustable center column is at its lowest point this music stand is three feet tall. The center column can be extended to four feet seven inches, so this stand can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the user whether they’re sitting and standing. Even when extended to full height, this stand remains stable thanks to the tripod legs which create a wide center of gravity. The combination of a solid metal bolt and plastic knob make the stand's height easy to adjust and prevent the column from sliding down when in use.

Collapsible and Portable

Knox’s music stand is designed to be sturdy, but it’s also easy to store and transport. The legs of the tripod fold down and the center column can be retracted so the stand is will easily fit in a closet, under a bed or in the back seat of a car when not in use. The music tray is removable, too: Simply loosen the bolt on the back of the stand that holds the tray in place and slide it out of the bracket.