Lav Karen Square Salad Glass Bowl

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SKU: KRN299 R6
  • DURABLE GLASS BOWL: This beautiful bowl is crafted from thick (5 mm), high quality glass, so you do not have to worry about it shattering on you just when you need it most. (You know…Murphy’s Law at play!) Perfect for guest-filled parties or holiday dinners when you do not want to risk ruining your delicate crystal pieces.
  • UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE: With its unique shape – squared, but not starkly so, this beautiful bowl, from LAV’s Karen collection, is eye-catching without taking over your entire table. The beautiful design brings a touch of unique elegance and eye-catching appeal to your salad, dessert, or whatever else you’re serving in this gorgeous bowl – makes a great presentation for even the simplest of foods. Your guests are gonna love it! Makes a great gift, too.
  • GREAT FOR LAYERING: With its transparent color, these bowls are the perfect choice for displaying your favorite layered salads or desserts. The contrasting colors, tastes, and textures will shine forth in their full beauty when you stack them in this stunning dish.
  • MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: Simple to use and even simpler to clean, this bowl can be popped into the microwave to warm up its contents, then tossed into the dishwasher after dinner is done for a hassle-free cleanup. Because why hand-wash when the machine can do the job just as well?
  • FOR SALADS, DESSERTS AND MORE: With a 64.25-oz capacity, this beautiful bowl is great for serving medium to large sized crowds. Use it to for tossed salads, or cookies, or chips, or fruit, or ice cream, or snacks, or, well, anything, really. You’ll find yourself pulling out this versatile bowl time and again!



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