Secure locking lid for extra safety. Zomet approved for SHABBOS use. OK to add cold water on Yom Tov. No Toiveling needed. Fast Free Delivery to Lakewood, Parts of Brooklyn, Monsey, Spring Valley and Monroe. US Domestic Shipping.

Le Chef Deluxe SS Urn 75 Cup, Stainless Steel

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Le Chef LUR75 75 Cup Hot Water Urn, Stainless Steel

120V, 50Hz. 7-liter unit (LUR-35) is 1350W 15-liter unit (LUR-75) is1400W.

For home and office use.

Heavy duty stainless steel body Stainless heating element.

Automatic dry-boil protection with safety reset button.

Secure locking lid for extra safety.

Energy-saving keep-warm switch for SHABBOS.

Easy-to-read glass water gauge.

Power on & Shabbat neon indicators.

Easy to clean.

Zomet approved for SHABBOS use.

OK to add cold water on Yom Tov. 

No toiveling needed.