LumiPets Soother Lamb Baby White Noise Machine / Night Light / Music Soother for Sleep

LumiPets Soother Lamb Baby White Noise Machine / Night Light / Music Soother for Sleep

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  • Lull your baby to sleep with the LumiSoother Lamb! This cuddly little toy lets you choose between 10 different sounds and lullabys: Brahm's Lullaby, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Mozart's Lullaby, white noise, heartbeat, gentle night rain, ocean waves, and rainforest sounds. All sounds are gentle and wordless, making it perfect for any child anywhere in the world who needs help getting to sleep.
  • Program the LumiSoother to automatically switch on and off as needed. This plush sleep aid's automatic shutoff feature can be programmed for 15 or 30 minutes. The cry reactivation mode turns the soother back on after registering five seconds of your baby crying. If the shutoff feature is not activated, the soother will continue to play until it is manually turned off.
  • Everything you need is included in the box: the LumiSoother, USB cord for charging the LED battery, and user manual. No need to buy replacement batteries or light bulbs.
  • Charge the battery fully before using the first time. The included owner's manual provides clear, easy to understand instructions for programming and maintaining your child's LumiSoother.
  • To clean: Remove the plastic LED light center with attached connector cable. Only now can your LumiSoother can be cleaned in a washing machine or immersed it in water. For minor spills or occasional cleaning, spot clean the plush exterior with a damp cloth. With proper care, this loveable lamb will be your baby's favorite nighttime companion for years to come.



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