MSC Joie 29933 Fresh Twist Bag Clip

MSC Joie 29933 Fresh Twist Bag Clip

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"There are few better tastes than the first chip out of a bag. The crispness, the fresh scent - it's what attracts us to keep eating and eating until the bag is gone. What if your eyes are bigger than your stomach? You might need to put the bag away but the last thing you want to do is lose the delicious crunch of the fresh bag. You need a way to keep the freshness in until you're ready to snack again. These Joie Fresh Twist Bag Clips do just that! Available in a set of three, this innovative design is all you need to keep out moisture and prevent anything from getting into your bag until you want another chip. Chips aren't your thing? Use it to preserve a multitude of items like bread, coffee, and sugar. The durable plastic construction is enough to preserve the texture so you get to feel like it's the first chip every time. "



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