Odev Hand Crank Power Generator DIY Toy

Odev Hand Crank Power Generator DIY Toy

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The Dynamo Lantern lets kids turn a simple toy motor into a mini generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy to light up a light bulb. This kit includes a plastic casing, LED light bulb, toy motor, gears and detailed instructions. Designed for kids to be easily assembled, no tools necessary.

Easy to Build
Kids can easily build a dynamo lantern in 10-15 mins by following the included detailed instructions.

Learn As They Play
Kids are able to learn and understand how generators and electricity works by lighting up an LED bulb with their own hands. Fun facts are also included in instruction manuals.

More Ways to Play
Build the lantern differently by turning it into a barn lantern or a water lantern.
1. You can also make the light bulb change colors by rotating the hand crank in the opposite direction.
2. Adjust the angle of the LED lantern base to let the light irradiate to different directions.
3. Fill the plastic lantern cover with water to make a water lantern.

Parts List:
LED light x1
LED Holder x1
Left & Right Panel x1
Motor x1
Joint Lever x1
Double Gears x2
Gear Shaft x 2
Joint Clip x 4
Handle x 1
Hand Crank x 1
LED Lantern Cover & Lantern Base x 1




Package Includes:






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