Olympus 8GB Voice Recorder Certified Refurbished, Black

Olympus 8GB Voice Recorder Certified Refurbished, Black

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USB direct connection without requiring a cable
The WS-853 can connect directly to a computer via the built-in USB connector. This makes it possible to easily save data anytime, anywhere without the need to bring along a USB cable. Furthermore, WS-853 is equipped with a protective cover to keep dust out of the connectors.

The built-in stand prevents surface vibration
The built in stand placed on the back of the body is carefully designed to reduce the noise from the surface when the recorder is placed on a table. It works much like a kickstand and allows users to read the menu without having to look down at the recorder.

Voice Balancer improves audio playback quality
When recordings contain multiple speakers, the Voice Balancer makes smaller voices louder and ensures that louder voices stay below a given level, providing playback where everyone can be heard clearly. This comes in handy when recording sound sources from multiple positions, such as at a meeting. The prominent noise produced when amplifying small sounds is reduced. By eliminating the lower and higher frequency, the voice is even more enhanced.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality
The noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise enabling clear playback quality. The function is very effective when playing back meeting recordings.




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