OXO Good Grips Snap Lock Can Opener

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OXO Good Grips Snap Lock Can Opener
  • Snap-lock holds Can Opener in place
  • A simple press of the lock releases it
  • Sharp cutting wheel
  • Contoured turning knob
  • Hand wash only

The Good Grips Snap-Lock Can Opener is as functional as it is elegant. Squeeze the Can Opener closed and hear the lock snap shut to hold the can securely while you turn the knob. There's no need to grip tightly to keep the Can Opener in place on the rim. Press the lock open with your thumb and it springs open to release the can. The curved handles of reinforced plastic are broad and rounded to distribute the pressure evenly across your hand as you squeeze. The oversized knob makes turning comfortable and easy.

With a lock that keeps the blades tightly in place, the Snap-Lock can opener is the perfect choice for those with limited hand strength or troubled by arthritis. The large, curved handles fit into any hand, and the oversize knob turns easily, relieving pressure on the hands. The slightly arc-shaped handles are designed to distribute tension evenly, and the lock can be released by a simple push of the button.

Made from the same material dishwasher gaskets are constructed of, the handles are slip-proof, wet or dry, as well as dishwasher-safe. Good Grips products are moderately priced and have won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. --Laurie Notaro