Raycon Rechargeable Dustproof Waterproof Speaker, Carbon Black

Raycon Rechargeable Dustproof Waterproof Speaker, Carbon Black

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  • 🎵 ON-THE-GO: This Small and Compact speaker can be brought with you anywhere and everywhere. It fits in your backpacks, handbags and duffels filling your day up with music when you need it. Magnetic Feet on the bottom of the speaker, so you can put your everyday essential anywhere you'd like!
  • 🎵 DURABLE: With IP67 Water Resistant and Dustproof Technology, you can count on your earbuds to stay resistant and resilient in all types of weather. Resistant to light splashes and sprays, you can even use these everyday speakers in the shower next to you! Dust and water are no match for this tough-as-nails speaker.
  • 🎵 MULTILINK: TWS Technology - Get multiples of your Everyday Speaker so that you can completely deck out your space with a surround sound system. You can connect two speakers together and play the audio from the speakers at the same time! Fill up spaces from the office, home, and gym with high fidelity tunes that will make your day a little bit brighter
  • 🎵 LONG LASTING: Get up to 11 Hours of Playtime with this compact speaker! Connect your speaker to any Bluetooth enabled device seamlessly , with Bluetooth 5.0 you will be able to connect your speaker easily and hassle free.
  • 🎵 PORTABLE: These Ultra-Light Weight Speakers are only .45 lbs around 7 oz. You will receive the speakers in a sleek and silky box, charging cable, and a handy manual with clear and easy instructions!



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