Shpiel Mir A Niggun Piano Book

Shpiel Mir A Niggun Piano Book

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Shpiel Mir A Niggun Piano Book. Children will enjoy playing their favorite heimish songs on their very own electronic piano. They can play it with no help at all, by following the color-coded music notes & keys! Ages 6 & up.. * Beautifully Illustrated 24-page board book (10¼" x 101/8"). * 23-key electronic piano with color-coded numbered keys. * Easy-to-follow musical notation. * Instruction sheet. * Batteries included (replaceable). * 12 heimish songs:. 1. Tov-Li . 2. Toras Hashem. 3. Muh Ahavti. 4. Olam Haba. 5. Ivdo Es Hashem . 6. Uvyom HaShabbos . 7. Chanukah Oy Chanukah . 8. LaYehudim . 9. Amar Rabi Akivah . 10. Od Yeshama . 11. Oy Ribono Shel Olam . 12. L'Shana Haba . . A note to parents: The system of color-coded 'notes' and numbers used in this songbook has been adapted from conventional musical notation to make it easier for children to play the songs. This system is not meant to represent standard notation.. Song words are written in Hebrew text only.. Due to the Hebrew lettering system musical notations are written from right to left.



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