Sony TCM-200DV Standard Cassette Recorder

Sony TCM-200DV Standard Cassette Recorder

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A standard cassette voice recorder with voice operated recording / External microphone jack / Built-in microphone / Large speaker


Sony's TCM-200DV cassette recorder offers a multitude of features which make it an excellent choice for a cassette voice recorder. The two channel, one track recorder promises accurate recording. For recording ease, Sony has installed double recording time and voice operated recording. The double recording time gives you the option of recording at a standard speed, or at half the standard speed, essentially giving you double the recording space. With voice operated record, you no longer have to worry about constantly shutting off and switching on the record button; with the first hint of sound, the TCM-200DV will begin recording. Sony's Sony-Matic automatic recording level control will keep your recordings at one constant level. Play-back editing or transcribing becomes more useful with this feature. If the internal microphone doesn't support your recording needs, simply plug in an external mic into the mic jack.

An essential playback feature is the playback speed control. With this adjustment, you can adjust the speed between thirty percent of normal and negative fifteen percent of normal. This is a great tool for those transferring interviews or lectures. If you find yourself fighting to hear the cassette player via the built-in speaker, plug earphones into the recorder and your troubles will be lessened. In fact, Sony has installed a L/R monaural earphone jack for clear and unobstructed hearing.

There are two options in powering this recorder. The first is an optional AC adaptor. If batteries are more useful, use the required two AA batteries; these batteries will run for up to twenty-five hours. With the LED battery level indicator you can be watchful of remaining battery time. With automatic shut-off, you can be assured that you will not be wasting batteries needlessly.

Other features include: clear voice recording system, cue and review, pause switch, stop/pause release function. The recorder's color is silver.

What's in the Box
Sony TCM-200DV cassette recorder and user's manual.



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