Sunlite 14 Watt Medium Base Light Bulbs, 3 Pack - Super White

Sunlite 14 Watt Medium Base Light Bulbs, 3 Pack - Super White

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  • UPGRADE TO LED - These non-dimmable bulbs are a direct replacement for incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. With a common A19 shape and medium (E26) base they can be used to upgrade any standard fixture or lamp in your home or business. They remain cool to the touch even when in use.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - At 14 watts, they use 86% less energy while providing as much light as a traditional 100 watt bulb at a super bright 1500 lumen output. The estimated yearly energy cost is $1. 69 per bulb based on 3 hours use per day at an average of $0. 11/kWh.
  • LONG LASTING - Long life LED technology means up to 11, 000 hours of reliable service that is flicker free and instant on at full brightness unlike compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • SUPER WHITE COLOR TEMPERATURE - At 5000K these high lumen bulbs put off a super white light. Ideal for utility rooms, work spaces, reading areas, or any place bright, clean lighting is required. Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 and 200 degree beam angle.
  • - These bulbs contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals. They feature a long life so you replace them less often. More energy efficient than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. UL Listed for Damp Location use.



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