Sunlite 24 Ft Outdoor String Lights - Great for Sukkos

Sunlite 24 Ft Outdoor String Lights - Great for Sukkos

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  • WEATHERPROOF – These string lights are durable 18-gauge rubber commercial-grade cord, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bulbs are made of plastic. It will not be easily break if dropped or blown away by the wind. | Length: 24 Ft including 3 Ft Lead Wire.
  • DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL - These charming string lights provide soft lighting for any space. Classic design with modern LED technology. Built-in loops above each socket (spaced 3 feet apart) for individual mounting or string through a cable to support and position sockets.
  • CONNECTABLE - Connect up to 5 strands for over 100 feet of lights! Easy to install. Perfect for decorating wedding receptions, special events and holidays. Great for everyday use like restaurants, cafes or hanging in your very own backyard. Perfect for areas without access to many outlets.
  • COMPLETE SET - Includes 7 long lasting LED bulbs with a stylish, vintage look. | Bulb Style: S14 | Bulb size: E26 |Color Temperature: Warm White 2700K
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - 7 energy saving LED bulbs that uses only 1.5 watts, for a total of 10 watts per string. These are long lasting bulbs that put off a warm white glow while remaining cool to the touch. Sockets will fit any LED bulb with compatible E26 base that you have the option of switching up your style. Extra bulb is included.



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