Superio Clip-On Dustpan with Rubber Lip - 10-inch, Black

Superio Clip-On Dustpan with Rubber Lip - 10-inch, Black

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  • CLIP-ON DUSTPAN: the dustpan is constructed with a clip-on handle to attach to a broom, together it combines a 5-star pan. It is the old-fashioned dustpan that does not bend or warp, plus the rubber lip at the edge.
  • LOW EDGE: It is custom shaped to hug the floor, so dust is not swept under the dustpan. Your home will be kept clean and precious. It lies flat without holding.
  • PERFECT SIZE: The total width of this dustpan is 10 inches, the width of the lip is 9.6 inches wide, the pan’s height is 1.2 inches, and the handle is 4 inches long for easy grip. Perfect fit for most household brooms.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Its rubber edge ensures it has the maximum pickup, suited to use with any standard broom, for home, office, indoor or outdoor. It will not leave a dust line after sweeping.
  • EASY TO STORAGE: Besides the clip-on handle, it also has a hole to hang it on a hook together with other cleaning tools like Brooms and Mops so you can keep your home, garage, and closets well organized.



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