Superio Decorative Plastic Laundry Basket with Cut-Out Handles, White Smoke

Superio Decorative Plastic Laundry Basket with Cut-Out Handles, White Smoke

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  • MODERN AESTHETIC DESIGN – Aside from the functionality of the laundry hamper, you will adore the sleek, elegant look of the ribbed style plastic laundry hamper that Superio offers. Unlike wood-based designs, this laundry hampers with lid have no sharp or pointy edges that can get caught on your clothing or snag and rip linens and towels. This hampers for laundry has a ribbed design that offers modern style to compliment the aesthetics of your laundry room and bedroom.
  • CUT-OUT HANDLE – One of the great features of this clothes hamper is that it has cut-out handles which is designed to make your laundry experience more convenient and trouble-free. The laundry hamper has 4 cut-out handles that makes it easier to carry around your laundry room and to your washing machine, even if it is full of garments. The handles are available in all sides of the hamper so you can carry it depending on your preference.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – In looking for ideal laundry baskets, you must consider the maximum volume it can contain. Superio Laundry Baskets are suitable to carry up to 40 liters. The length of this hamper is 15 inches yet it can still hold as much as 13 gallons. Other than the practicality of this basket, you can also save lots of space since this clothes hamper is meant to fit into tight places.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – Superio hampers are sturdy constructed with durable materials, guaranteed to last for years. The material is made up of plastic which ensures that it is heavy-duty yet lightweight to easily carry your clothers to and from the laundry. This classy clothes basket is available in 7 colors and also has matching Laundry Hampers.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – All of us need clothes hampers in our home, either to stack-up our dirty clothes, or to store clean or filthy clothes. Superio provides a versatile slim laundry basket that is essential to your house, apartment, or college dorms for guys or girls. This perforated laundry basket is multi-purpose since you can also use this for other things and act as an extra storage.



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