Top Race Gigantic RC Full Function Loaded Metal Forklift

Top Race Gigantic RC Full Function Loaded Metal Forklift

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Top Race® Remote Control BIG SIZED Full Functional Forklift for Construction Toy Enthusiasts

The Top Race® diecast forklift comes equipped with all the features of a real forklift. Constructed from heavy metal, this toy forklift can lift large payloads and maneuver just like the real construction vehicle. Each remote control vehicle comes with an assortment of forklift accessories including a heavy metal crane that attaches to the truck and two plastic pallets for added realism and functionality.

Operating on 2.4Ghz with a remote control distance of more than 100 feet, you can feel like you're operating a real forklift on all types of terrain. Made from durable metal, this diecast construction vehicle can lift up to 6 lbs and can pull and carry a weight of 26 lbs. With a 1:10 scale model, you can experience the rush of operating heavy machinery while carrying large payloads.

For added fun, the Top Race® Truck Carrier Slab TR-217 (sold separately) can be attached to the back of the forklift for heavy lifting and maneuvering with a variety of other construction vehicles.

Key Features:
* Fork extends to 15" high
* 8 Channel full functional construction truck that imitates a real forklift forward/backward, left/right, lifting arm up/down
* Fork can extend to up to 15" high
* Remote Controlled Forklift transmitter operates on 2.4Ghz for maximum performance that can work at a distance of more than 100 feet!
* Dimensions: 13" High x 22" Long x 8" wide, Fork extends up to 15" high.
* 90% constructed of heavy metal, real sound effects and strong headlights and tail lights.
* Truck Carrier Slab (TR-217) can be connected to the back (sold separately)

Package Includes:
- TR-216 Forklift
- 2.4Ghz Transmitter
- 400mAh Battery pack
- USB Charging Cable
- Metal Crane Hook
- 2 Pallets

Recommended for ages 8+




Package Includes:






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