Trisonic Wireless Door Bell with 36 Melodies - White

Trisonic Wireless Door Bell with 36 Melodies - White

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Wireless Battery Operated And Powered Door Bell Musical Melodies Chime With LED Light Indicator !
This battery operated and powered door bell can range up to 300 Ft.
It requires absolutely no wiring and is easy to use and install.
Receiver has and LED indicator light for convenience.
Includes 36 different melodies to choose from as well as ability to adjust volume and flash, ring or flash and ring function.
The ultra long distance remote control meets the need of various buildings and installations.
Up to 1 million sets of auto learning codes to avoid interference
Attach the push button on the door with screws, glass, glue or double sided adhesive tape.
Keep away from any metal objects or exposure to rain.
The battery may last for one year (20 times/day)
The door bell chime can be placed anywhere indoors.
You can even move it as you like.
Ideal for homes, office buildings, factories, hotels and reception halls.
Transmitter batteries included.
Receiver uses 2 AA batteries (not included).



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