Wagan IN9989 12V Infra-Heat Massage Magnetic Cushion with AC Adapter

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Wagan's IN9989 Infra-Heat Massage Magnetic 12v Cushion provides ultimate comfort with heat, massage and lumbar support all in one. Features a combination of heat and massage for your shoulders, back and thighs. 5 massaging motors massage upper and lower back muscles and energize them by relieving stress in the targeted areas. Provides instant relief and helps reduce neck muscle stiffness. Heat wave therapy increases blood circulation. There are 2 infrared heat elements which allow heat to penetrate deep into muscle tissues to relax and soothe tired muscles. Soothing infrared heating points focus in on spots most prone to back tension. Includes a multi function remote control to adjust the heat and massage settings. Choose from 3 massage programs. Infrared heat lights can be turned on and off. 10 strategically placed power magnets, 950 gauss each, help promote blood circulation and oxygen in muscle tissues and acu-pressure points by emitting a magnetic field believed to promote blood and oxygen circulation in muscle tissues and acupuncture points. Lumbar support alleviates undue pressure from incorrect posture and protects lower spinal discs. It relieves painful pressure on tailbone, protects lower spinal discs and provides better spine alignment. Simply plug into your vehicle's 12v DC outlet or operate it using 110v AC power at the home or office. Includes AC and DC adapters. Use the built-in straps to secure the cushion to your seat and instantly transform it into a more comfortable seat. Easily portable if you want to take if from your home to your vehicle to your office. *Note: unplug the 12v plug from your vehicle when not in use. ** Effectiveness of magnetic therapy and infrared therapy have not been comprehensively proven. Wagan Corp. makes no claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease. Magnetic therapy and infrared therapy may be used in addition to other treatments but are not intended as a substitute for doctor's orders.