Zman Switch - Self-Adjusting Shabbos Timer

Zman Switch - Self-Adjusting Shabbos Timer

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ZMAN Technologies' flagship product, the ZMAN Switch, has been dubbed the Next-generation Shabbos Timer. Designed by a former U.S. Air Force Weapons Systems developer, this product presents a brand new approach to an age-old concept. The easily installed ZMAN switch contains a micro-computer pre-programmed with the entire Hebrew calendar thru the year 2050, as well as candle lighting times and nightfall for any location across North America. Utilizing the device's Set and Forget feature, the consumer or technician preforms a one-time location and preference selection. On and off preferences for Shabbos and Yom Tov are then permanently set, based upon candle lighting time or nightfall (choice of early ZMAN or 72-minute Rabbeinu Tam). After initial setup, there is never any need to revisit or re-adjust settings. The ZMAN switch is pre-programmed with all Jewish holidays, winter and summer clock changes, with additional customizable settings as per the consumer's preference.The ZMAN switch's easy-to-use interface makes settings and preferences adjustments simple and intuitive, even for the unskilled layman.



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